Based on a recent leak by TeamEevolution, a brand new “Pokemon GO” event is to be expected this month and that it will arrive via an update. Unfortunately, it seems the update isn't one, as the new patch did not really make such changes. Instead, it was more of a way for Niantic to bring fixes to in-game bugs and issues.

TeamEevolution predicted, based on the leaked information they acquired, that a “Fire and Ice” event will arrive to “Pokemon GO” this month. Many believe it to be true, as it was the same entity who forecasted the arrival of the Water festival.

Alas, Niantic went the other way around.

New update released to fix Pokemon GO bugs

Rather than introducing an update for the supposed event, the new patch was instead a vessel for bringing bug fixes to the hit augmented reality mobile game. However, the only major fix among these is one that concerns the game’s Pokemon Trainer Club (PTC). It has been confirmed that through the said update, the errors on this area were resolved already.

Also, the said “Pokemon GO” update did not brought significant changes to sounds, texts and images. Obviously, this is an odd phenomenon, considering the fact that most updates like this arrive with such changes as proven in the past. Interestingly, this somehow hints at the possibility of Niantic working on a much bigger update.

The major update that will bring the “Fire and Ice” event to Pokemon GO

As TeamEevolution pointed out, the next event in the game will likely to happen on June 13 at 1 P.M. PDT. Since it is a week-long activity, it should end come June 20 at 1 P.M. PDT. The name of the event suggests an increase of creatures in the fire and ice categories, along with some boost on in-game items and experience points.

In addition, trainers will acquire more experience points as rewards for hatching different types of eggs. There is also a rumored discount percentage on acquiring items straight from the in-game shop. The latter, in particular, makes sense, as it is the studio's cash cow.

The rumored “Pokemon GO” event will serve as a celebration for the arrival of summer and winter on the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere, respectively.

There are even reports pointing a dramatic increase in XPs gained through throw bonuses (i.e. Nice, Great and Excellent). While these are all an exciting thing to look forward to, players should still take it as a grain of salt. After all, the company has yet to officially confirm it.