Earlier this year, Niantic promised that Legendary creatures would arrive in “Pokemon GO” come summer. However, these special beasts are still nowhere in sight. Players are wondering if the studio plans to release the Pokemon within the promised timeline.

Interestingly, there is countless evidence supporting the arrival of Legendary monsters in “Pokemon GO.” In fact, the latest one includes an ad on the Indian App Store, citing the arrival of the “first Legendary Pokemon.” Here is everything about these species in a nutshell.

What are Legendary Pokemon?

According to ComicBook, there is a huge difference between the special beasts and regular pocket monsters. First and foremost, the legendaries are extremely powerful Pokemon and all of them have off the charts stats. However, they are rare and too difficult to capture – at least, this is how they are depicted in the animated series. Some players believe that these creatures can only be encountered and captured once.

Pokemon GO” enthusiasts suggest that Niantic will introduce a total of nine Legendary beasts. These are namely, Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Mewtwo, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Lugia, and Ho-Oh. It is worth noting that these creatures have already appeared in previous Pokemon installments.

They should also be making their way to the mobile game. Apart from them, though, there are also the Mythical creatures. But unlike the legendaries, the mythical species can only be obtained either through codes or trades.

How the legendaries can be encountered

Right now, the plausible way Niantic might introduce the Legendary creatures in “Pokemon GO” is through Raid Battles.

Basically, a tier 5 will exist solely for these Pokemon and they will act as the level’s bosses. This is actually understandable considering they are too powerful to be used as regular pocket monsters. Although they cannot be utilized in defending gyms, data miners suggest that they can be used in attacking gyms. As to how exactly this will happen, remains to be a mystery.

In addition, there are reports of tier 5 events happening near the main headquarters of Niantic. It is believed that the studio has already started testing the Legendary creatures and their significance in raids.

Unfortunately, not all players can reportedly join Legendary raids in “Pokemon GO.” First, there might be a level requirement. Second, players might be asked to acquire a Legendary raid pass before participating.