Niantic has been teasing the “Pokemon GO” community about an upcoming massive update. The studio iterated that this will bring some new and exciting features, most of which are developed to improve the gameplay experience. Apparently, the studio has released detailed information about this so-called update.

The company just announced that the biggest update is about to arrive in “Pokemon GO.” Although there is yet to be an exact date, it is said to be “nearly here.” This highly anticipated update is believed to allow players to enjoy the newly remodeled gym system.

More importantly, they will be able to join other trainers to go up against powerful pocket monsters.

The new Raid Battle feature

The upcoming Raid Battle feature is among the new things Niantic is set to add to the mobile game’s gym system. It is basically a cooperative gameplay experience designed to encourage players to work with other players to defeat an extremely powerful creature known as the Raid boss. Right before a raid battle happens, a huge egg will appear at the top of the gym. As soon as the countdown above this egg reaches zero, said boss will be unveiled.

It is worth noting, though, that before “Pokemon GO” players can battle this boss, they must first secure a Raid pass. Apparently, each player is only capable of acquiring one raid pass per day, and this can be done by visiting gyms.

Nevertheless, if they want Premium Raid passes, they will have to buy them in the in-game store. If the Raid boss is defeated (within a 5-minute time limit), players will be able to obtain a powerful Pokemon of their own.

Other gym features and updates

Of course, Niantic is also set to bring more gym features to “Pokemon GO.” For instance, there is a Photo Disc, which players can utilize for items that they usually obtain at PokeStops.

Add to this the fact that gyms will no longer be based on either Prestige or training. That is because it will feature a total of six permanent slots, all of which are under the controlling team’s Pokemon. It should be noted, though, that players can only assign unique creatures to each of these slots.

As of this writing, Niantic has remained silent about the possible release of the new gym system in “Pokemon GO.” There are rumors suggesting that it will arrive alongside the Legendary creatures.

After all, the studio promised that these special beasts would be introduced sometime in summer. This is merely speculation at this point, and only time will tell if any of this will actually pan out.