DICE is going to roll out more maps to the Russian expansion of “Battlefield 1.” The additional maps will be released on the game’s Community Test Environment. It was just recently that the Lupkow Pass of the 'In the Name of the Tsar' DLC was launched.

More maps coming

The 'In the Name of the Tsar' DLC of “Battlefield 1” is going to have more maps soon. In the coming week, DICE will upload two or three more maps in the game’s CTE for players to be able to test it. The information came from the official Twitter account of Game Producer Jojje Dalunde.

One of the maps that are coming next week on the CTE is the Brusilov Keep.

Brusilov Offensive

The upcoming map will utilize the period known as one of the most brutal offensives in world history, the Brusilov Offensive. The offensive recorded a total casualty ranging from 962,000 to 1,337,000. It is also known as the June Advance and historians label it as the worst crisis of the First World War for the Austria-Hungary partnership. It is a massive victory for the Triple Entente, however, it caused the loss of more than a million lives.

The offensive was successful after the Russian artillery bombarded the Austro-Hungarian lines.

Because of this, the Russian front lines were able to attack weak enemy points and paved way for the rest of the infantry. The operation achieved its goal of forcing the German infantry to move their forces to the Eastern Front.

The game developer has been doing this kind of strategy lately. The content of the 'They Shall Not Pass' expansion was also released in the game’s Community Test Environment weeks earlier than its official release.

While the game’s CTE is only limited to PC users, it is still a very effective move that enables players to check the maps early. It also provides a clear perspective to gamers of the objectives and sightlines of the upcoming maps.

Meanwhile, the highly anticipated Russian DLC known as 'In the Name of the Tsar' will be available on the Community Test Environment next week.

Actually, only half of it will be made available. This will prevent any complications with the game developer’s internal tests.

We will give you more updates about your favorite game, “Battlefield 1” as soon as information becomes available. For your daily dose of the latest gaming news and updates, you may visit the contributors to Blasting News. Meanwhile, you can check out the gameplay of the game’s Lupkow Pass map provided by IGN.