It’s undeniable that the upcoming survival horror video game, “Days Gone,” is one of the hotly anticipated first party titles currently in development for Sony’s PS4. After its successive big E3 appearances in the last two year, SIE Bend Studio launched a new gameplay video teasing an alternate playthrough from what was shown in the E3 2017 footage.

The latest "Days Gone" demo that showed an alternate take on the game revealed more of amazing new features. It includes a demo of the different weather conditions, the time of day, and some of the gameplay methods to use in playing.

Here’s a full run-down of these big changes to expect from the game:

Different weather conditions

The new demo offered another look at the main character, Deacon St. John, riding his motorcycle through the wintry Pacific Northwest this time around. Here, fans can see how the changing of the seasons play out in the game. The original footage, on the other hand, showed Deacon explore a much summery environment in lush green.

It also showed off the new weather conditions such as snowfall rather than rain and some action happening in broad daylight as opposed to night time. In this video, the main character Deacon St. John also made his way around a deadly ambush and ultimately, reached the enemy camp unnoticed.

Other key features

“Days Gone” is set an open-world featuring Dynamic Weather and a full day to night cycle that affects the behavior of the zombie-like horde called the Freakers. These creatures become more hostile at night fall but vulnerable during daylight.

The game’s open-ended gameplay will also allow Deacon to craft new weapons and use vehicles in traveling from one place to the next in between missions however way possible.

Release date

Apparently, the upcoming action-adventure horror survival video game does not have a solid release date until now. However, from how things are shaping up for the game, it will be likely ready for release in 2018.

It entered into full production in 2015 and the development has been in full swing since then. It made a surprise debut during Sony's press conference at E3 last year and again teased in a big way at E3 2017 last June along with two other PS4 major games, "Spider-Man" and "God of War."

"Days Gone" is developed using Unreal Engine for Sony's current-gen console. It is also the first project of SIE Bend Studio in five years after the release of "Uncharted: Golden Abyss" for PlayStation Vita in 2012.