Raid Battles are perhaps one of the greatest features Niantic ever made for "Pokemon GO." It gave the game a genuine multiplayer, as players work alongside other players to defeat raid bosses. Interestingly, a huge change is believed to happen to the feature in the next few weeks or so.

According to SlashGear, Niantic has made some changes on game file codes of "Pokemon GO" during the recent weekend. Apparently, most of these changes mention the word "Legendary." If this really means something significant, then perhaps the highly anticipated creatures might soon invade the game.

Legendary pocket monsters in raids

Believe it or not, many have already suggested the arrival of Legendary creatures in Raid Battles. The gist of this feature is about players fighting extremely powerful pocket monsters. Obviously, the Legendary beast are stronger than these said creatures. This is why many believe that a tier 5 is soon to exist in raids and is where the special beasts would be placed. After all, their characteristics are fit to be raid bosses.

However, this rumor might soon be dead, as data miners acquired some series of mentions of Legendary in "Pokemon GO" game files. In fact, the most interesting mention of all is "TotalCompletedLegendaryRaids." This alone proves that the special beasts would arrive in the game as raid bosses or, at least, they will be part of the feature.

This somehow confirms that, in one way or another, players will finally experience the thrill of seeing and fighting the legendaries.

What the other mentions are suggesting

While it is still too early to conclude, there are mentions from the game files that further give proof to the Legendary creatures' arrival in "Pokemon GO." For instance, there is a line of code there that says "NumberTotalCompletedLegendaryRaids." If anything else, this means that certain rewards will be given to players who are able to complete specific Legendary raids.

Unfortunately, though, the codes do not mention anything about the kind of rewards.

Furthermore, there is one that should stir the interest of "Pokemon GO" players: "Item_Legendary_Raid_Ticket." Well, it is a no brainer really, but it means that a special kind of ticket will be developed specifically for the special beasts and that this will be required for players to join this type of raids.

Obviously, this is different from the Raid Pass that the game currently has, but in terms of how to acquire them, this remains a mystery. Surely, there is a lot of things to look forward to in the game.