612 Games, the studio that previously unveiled its brand new Western video game that was initially mistaken for "Red Dead Redemption 2," has now released a brand new gameplay trailer for its upcoming title. The upcoming massively multiplayer Online (MMO) video game, titled "Wild West Online," will be a completely different take on the genre and will allow players worldwide to interact with each other in a completely Open World set in the wild west.

Gameplay footage

In a brand new gameplay video, which can be found below, 612 Games executive producer Stephen Bugaj gives fans a close look at the first few parts of the upcoming western title.

The game's characters customization is showcased as well as its "newspaper" system, which essentially gives players an idea of what is going on in their world. Players who do something significant within the game may also find their exploits posted on the newspaper as well.

The producer then proceeds to show off the game's costume system and its in-game gambling choices found inside a town's saloon. Bugaj also explained that stealing other people's stuff will directly affect a player's reputation. If the reputation is bad enough, a player will eventually get a bounty on his head, which other players can claim by killing them. However, he demonstrates in the video that stealing while no one else is looking does not affect a player's reputation.

Combat system

Based on the gameplay video, the game's combat system seems to be very straightforward and should be easy to get used to for first person shooter veterans. However, some fans had noticed that characters actually died with just one correctly placed shot, which means that the game may feature some realistic mechanics.

This would likely result in players thinking twice about starting gun fights within the game, especially if they are outnumbered.

Full steam ahead

"Wild West Online" started out a Kickstarter project with the goal of creating a truly modern western MMO video game. The crowdfunding aspect of the project was then pulled out thanks to a mysterious new investor who stepped forward to fully fund the game from start to finish.

As of the moment, the game is in the process of undergoing its first alpha tests. Players who have already pre-ordered the game through the developer's website can participate in the planned closed alpha and beta. The game is expected to be released sometime this year, but 612 Games has not yet announced a specific date.