Since time immemorial, the fans of “Pokemon GO” have always wondered about the arrival of the Legendary creatures in the game. Apparently, Niantic itself has confirmed that these special beasts will arrive sometime this summer. But, as long as no official release date is announced, one cannot really get excited.

As far as “Pokemon GO” is concerned, the aforementioned species are considered powerful and rare. They are very much different from the usual Pokemon players see in the hit augmented reality game. This is why their arrival is quite anticipated, as players cannot help but wonder what it feels like to own one.

Evidence of Legendary creatures coming

It seems true that these special beasts are indeed coming to the game, according to what Niantic announced previously. In fact, the studio promised that their arrival will be coupled with the introduction of new features. However, this is not a certainty and no exact date has been released yet. Fortunately, a code mined by players from the game’s files seems to put an end to the rumors.

Data miners were basically able to read a code in the “Pokemon GO” files, hinting at the release of Mewtwo. The latter is considered the most powerful creature in the Pokemon world. There were speculations about this species not being released to the game due to its capabilities.

Many believe that if it arrives, there will be an unacceptable imbalance in the game. This could just be the main reason why the studio opted to postpone the creature’s release.

The Raid Battle bosses are Legendaries

Niantic recently unveiled a massive update coming to “Pokemon GO” and that this will be used to introduce the new features like the Raid Battle.

This system allows players to team up with other players in order to defeat the so-called Raid bosses. These creatures are so powerful that players will have to make use of their ace Pokemon in order to acquire a win. Nevertheless, if they are able to defeat these bosses, they will receive special in-game rewards and/or bonuses.

Apparently, based on the code mined by the data miners, these Raid bosses in “Pokemon GO” are actually the Legendary creatures. If this is the case, then these special beasts, contrary to popular belief, will not be there to defend gyms. As for the possibility of attacking gyms, it might be a plausible direction. Regardless, their release still remains a mystery. However, if there is truth to this acquired code, then these Pokemon are most likely to arrive alongside the new features.