Niantic has given players a whole new reason to play “Pokemon GO,” with Raid Battles being the epitome. Indeed, everyone loves the idea behind the feature considering it is the game’s first and genuine multiplayer experience. This is unlike anything that the studio introduced before.

While most “Pokemon GO” players are satisfied in participating raids and fighting bosses, they still feel like there is a need to fill a void. There seems to be a demand that Niantic must address within the community in order to make things a little bit more interesting in the mobile game.

Well, it is none other than the Legendary creatures.

Where are the Legendary pocket monsters?

Previously, the studio promised that these special beasts would soon arrive in the game sometime in summer. They even iterated that the creatures would likely be introduced alongside new features and such. But alas, a new system in the form of raids arrived, but the highly anticipated pocket monsters are still nowhere to be found. Fortunately for the developers, many players were so attached to playing raids that they forgot, for a moment, what they were hoping to see in the first place.

It can be understood that Legendary creatures cannot be introduced the same as normal species in “Pokemon GO.” This means that they cannot be unleashed in the wilderness and allow players to catch them.

Because if this happens, a great imbalance would invade the game. A normal Pokemon fighting an extremely powerful Pokemon does not make sense at all. This, among others, could be a reason why Niantic has yet to release the special beasts in the game.

How these Pokemon could be released

So if the Legendary creatures cannot just be released in the wilderness in “Pokemon GO,” the most plausible avenue for them is a tier level in raids.

Yes, they will have to raid bosses that players need to defeat. After all, they are powerful enough to be in the highest tier in raids and perhaps, once defeated, they can provide players with extra special rewards or bonuses. This is definitely an exciting turn of events in the history of the game.

This idea basically sprung from a rumor suggesting that a level five tier exists in “Pokemon GO” raids.

This tier, in particular, is meant for the arrival of the Legendary creatures. Having them battle trainers is just the most fitting role they can have in the hit mobile game. Of course, it would ridiculous to have them deployed on gyms as attackers or defenders.