One of the things players love about "Overwatch" are hero skins. Although they do not necessarily affect the gameplay experience, they still stir the interest of players. After all, it is fun to see a character donning a different outfit. According to Dot Esports, some players in the "Overwatch" community are interested in the idea of weapon skins. These skins, as simple as it gets, basically change the way a weapon looks. But, as far as the game is concerned now, it is yet to be a possibility.

The possibility of weapon skins

It holds true, however, that there is an option to at least change the looks of a weapon in the game.

This is through the golden weapon aesthetics. As the name suggests, it only changes the weapon to its golden version. Nothing more, nothing less. Add to this the fact that acquiring it is no easy task. Players will have to grind themselves in competitive matches, as golden weapons can only be bought using competitive points (the purple currency).

As for the possibility of weapon skins in "Overwatch," this is most likely to happen. Blizzard could definitely draw inspiration from "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive" weapon skin system. So far, it is giving the title huge success. Apparently, though, it became a major concern in gray-market gambling economy. Regardless, the feature's inclusion in the game is quite astonishing.

Blizzard's title, on the other hand, could certainly experience such success. Players themselves will be pleased, as they can own a different look of their heroes' weapons. Sure, the golden guns are great, but there is nothing more compelling that weapons with various skin options.

Why it can happen anytime

The only catch here, though, is that Blizzard has never touch based with this topic before.

They have talked about hero skins and stuff, but when it comes to customizing weapons, they seemed to veer away. Regardless, it cannot be denied that the technology for this is already available. In a video featuring the behind-the-scenes development of Doomfist, the hero's older weapon version can be seen. Whether or not it is part of a previous build or another iteration, it confirms that weapon skin technology is alive and kicking.

Perhaps Blizzard has already thought about this, but for some reason, they had to push back the idea. But of course, given the studio's reputation for making surprises, there is no reason to believe that weapons skins will arrive in "Overwatch" soon. Players will just have to be patient and hope for the best.