Mobile game developer Niantic has recently announced that they have released a new update for “Pokemon Go.”

New update out for Android and iOS versions

The newest update for the popular mobile game is now out on both mobile platforms. The Android platform will have version 0.69.0, while the iOS platform will have 1.39.0. This new update brings a lot of new improvements to the game and it came out before the next big “Pokemon GoFest event, which will be held in Chicago.

Patch details revealed

The new update has made some improvements to the mobile game, which will make it convenient for players compared to the previous versions.

The first changes that they will notice are the added icons to the Pokemon information screen. These new icons will now be able to indicate how they caught the Pokemon in previous encounters.

The Gym battles are particularly better this time around with the new improvements. After completing a Raid Battle at a Gym, players can now spin the Photo Disc in it since it was missing the previous version.

The game developers also added the ability for the Trainers to send Berries to their own Pokemon that are defending the Gyms. They can do this with the help of the Pokemon info screen, which will be helpful for them if they are not nearby the Gym areas. The only drawback is the regained motivation, which will be less if they do it in this method.

Trainers will be able to give some Berries to their Pokemon that are defending the Gyms if their motivation meter is full, which will be handy in defending raids. In this way, there will be no need to run to the Gym area if a raid is ongoing, which is a hassle before. They also improved the functions of the Pokemon Collection screen search, which is another convenience in this new update for “Pokemon Go.”

The update fixed a lot of issues that the mobile game was plagued with.

The update fixed a frustrating problem that annoyed a lot of players performing Raid Battles. This issue would not complete it even before the time expired in map view.

There was also another issue where the Pokemon would sometimes not come back to their Trainers after defending a Gym, which made some players nervous. They thought that their Pokemon was gone for good, which was not the case.

This was now fixed with the new update, and it also fixed a lot of other bugs in “Pokemon Go.”

Live events still going on this month

The new live event for the mobile game, which is the “Pokemon Go” Fest Chicago, will be starting on July 22. Players will be able to participate in different kinds of activities that will benefit them with some freebies and more. The UK players will have their own live events separately on July 22 and 23.

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