Following several delays and launch postponements for “Ark: Survival Evolved,” dinosaur-themed game developer Studio Wildcard is getting ready for the game’s full version release this August across all platforms — PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. But prior to its release, its developer decided to increase the game’s price for PC from $29.99 to $59.99.

As of press time, the “Ark” game is still in the Early Access version. Its release date was first delayed for 2016 holiday season from its initial June 2016 launch schedule. During the game’s first anniversary last year, Studio Wildcard launched a new patch, a new boss, and new creatures into the game to celebrate the special event.

Despite the delays when it comes to the game’s full release, Studio Wildcard promised to boost their content goals and several additional features. Several official mods programs have also been launched across all platforms.

PC price doubled

Even though the 100 percent price increase came as a surprise to some “Ark: Survival Evolved” fans, Studio Wildcard reportedly posted a price increase announcement on June 10. But it is not only the PC version that saw a doubled price tag, as the PS4 and the Xbox One versions have already increased, which started on June 12.

As to the reason why Studio Wildcard doubled the game's price tag, the game developer explained that they want to “ensure retail parity for the upcoming launch.” So, when the game will be fully launching on Aug.

8, its final retail version will cost $59.99 across all formats. The game’s desert-themed expansion “Scorched Earth,” on the other hand, will be priced at $19.99.

The dinosaur-themed game is available on Steam while the Xbox One edition could be purchased through Microsoft’s Game Preview program and via the Founder’s Pack if you want the PS4 edition.

The good news — once you bought the discounted-priced Early Access version before, you are not required to buy the game again.

‘Ark’ surprises

In spite of the price increase, Studio Wildcard also hinted at some upcoming surprises into the game.

These include the possibility of a new content at the game’s full launch, fresh story elements, newly added creatures and new gameplay features.

New Xbox One update

Just weeks prior to its full release, a new “Ark: Survival Evolved” Xbox One patch is expected to drop today but delays could also be a possibility. The update came after the news for PS4 players was released. According to the reports, the latest update will be similar to other previous patches and will contain some bug fixes, gameplay-related, and QOL changes.