The latest comic book from the "Overwatch" showcased the new hero, Doomfist. The release excited a lot of fans especially with the upcoming release of Doomfist as a new playable character in the game.

What is the comic book all about?

The comic book, which consisted of 12 pages, is entitled "Masquerade." It follows the story of Talon, an antagonistic faction in the "Overwatch" world. The comic book also showed Doomfist after his escape from the prison.

It served as a retread of the exploits of Talon in Doomfist' previous life behind bars. Talon's current power structure was also shown with Doomfist's return as the leader.

Most importantly for the players of "Overwatch," the comic showed the three different costumes for Sombra, Reaper, and Doomfist. Sombra was seen as a jester with face paint to match the entire outfit while Reaper had a red and fluffy outfit with a skull mask. Doomfist looks like Shakespeare in disguise.

New skins

After the release of the comic book, "Overwatch" fans were speculating that the new costumes will be additional Skins to unlock for the three characters. There is a better chance for these skins to happen as "Overwatch" is known to release comic books before new events. The Omnic Crisis and Halloween events showed different character costumes that became skins eventually.

Alternate weapon skins

As spotted in the Doomfist preview video, there were two notable instances of characters holding different weapons that do not match their default skins. Sombra was wielding a green SMG while Soldier 76 was holding a dark purse rifle with orange accents.

These details suggest that Blizzard might allow the players to choose their weapon's skin other than the character skin.

This new feature might be announced along with the launch of Doomfist which will happen on July 27.

This is a long-awaited feature for the players of the game. A lot of competitive online shooting games allow their players to customize the appearance of their weapons as a form of self-expression. Even if "Overwatch" has a lot of ways for players to show their true selves through different skins, a lot of gamers would still like to use different weapon skins to differentiate themselves with the others.

As Overwatch is a first-person game, a character's weapon is a part of the character itself.

The ‘golden weapons’

One of the ways for players to change the appearance of their character's weapon is through "golden weapons." However, this will only allow the players to modify the color.

The game director, Jeff Kaplan, also expressed his displeasure with this system. Although this feature is most likely coming along with the update, it is still unclear whether "Overwatch" gamers can mix and match their weapons with their skins.