A couple of days ago, "Overwatch" finally welcomed Doomfist to the Public Test Realm. With it came Blizzard's patch notes, which indicated the addition of the new playable character, Doomfist. Blizzard described the new character as a "consummate tactician" who is "equipped with charisma and ambition." He's also equipped with the rather intimidating Hand Cannon, which is a four-shot weapon that can fire one at a time, or all at once. He also has a Rocket Punch that delivers a massive blow to enemies, who will incur even more damage if the opponent is punched into a wall.

He also has a Rising Uppercut that will hurl enemies into the air, while the Best Defense serves as his shield from attacks.

Lastly, the Meteor Strike is a move that enables the playable character to jump into the air and land on a targeted area, where damage will incur. But aside from his specific abilities, gamers are also looking forward to learning more about additional content for Doomfist. Thanks to a Redditor, players can now anticipate what's to come for the newest playable character on "Overwatch."

Doomfist will have summer games and cosmetics

Doomfist may be a new arrival as a playable character on "Overwatch," but this doesn't mean there's nothing else to look forward to. In fact, PVP Live reported that Redditor Zenofy has discovered new content for Doomfist after data mining through the game's files.

According to the report, "Overwatch" players can look forward to the Rare Icon, Common Spray, Common Voice Line, and Epic/Legendary Skin for Doomfist during the Summer Games. Meanwhile, Doomfist launch cosmetics will include the Achievements Golden Sun, Cute Spray, and Pixel Spray.

As per General, players will be able to use the Heroic Emote, Heroic Highlight Intro, and Heroic Victory Pose.

There's also the Highlights Intro, Non-gold Default Weapon Skin, Default Voice Line, and Classic Skin.

Doomfist is not voiced by Terry Crews

It's been a known fact that "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" star and overall awesome fellow Terry Crews is a huge fan of "Overwatch." In fact, he loves the game so much that he campaigned to lend his voice to Doomfist.

That's why it came as a surprise to some fans when Doomfist was finally released and was not voiced by the actor.

According to Kotaku, the new playable character is "a legendary villain" who had broken out of a maximum-security facility. Doomfist is now playable on the "Overwatch" Public Test Realm. Visit playoverwatch.com to find out more.