Apart from being a great form of entertainment, Video Games also act as an art form through their stunning visuals and memorable stories. Some game developers have managed to tug at the heartstrings of their fans with scenes filled with raw human emotions. While these moments might not be the happiest, they still find a way to convey a message to their fans. Here are some of the most emotional, yet memorable scenes in video games.

1. Celes Chere’s “Suicide”

Following the destruction of the world, the “Final Fantasy VI” cast was forcefully separated with each character back to doing their own thing.

In the case of Celes, she wakes up a year after the incident and learns she was taken in by a kind old man. However, she realizes that he’s in ill condition and he asks her to fetch him some fish. If the player manages to fail the extremely hard fish catching minigame, he will die which leaves a major impact on the heroine.

With no one left to turn to, Celes decides to climb up a mountain and throw her body off the cliff. However, Celes wakes up by the beach where she was hunting for fish and stumbles across a bird with Locke’s bandana. A new resolve now burning in her heart, Celes sets off to seek her friends and fix their broken world.

2. Sarah’s Death

The Last Of Us” was basically an emotional rollercoaster ride of a game even during the first few hours.

When you first begin playing, you take the role of Joel’s daughter, Sarah, who cares for her dad and does everything she can to support him. A few moments later, the Infected make their appearance and you’re playing as Joel who’s carrying his injured daughter from a recent car accident. Just as you through the both of you were in the clear, a soldier that should have been helping civilians evacuate shoots down Joel’s daughter instead.

Despite the few hours you have with Sarah, “The Last of Us” really tried their best to make sure you connect with her and feel the weight of her loss.

3. Saying Goodbye to the Persona 4 Cast

While this may not be as heavy as the previous two on the list, we all know the feeling of having to say goodbye to some of our closest friends.

Things happen and life takes us to different places, but the bonds will stay the same. In “Persona 4,” the protagonist must return to his home in the city after the events of the main game. All of your friends you’ve grown to love over your 80-hour journey will accompany you to the station and bid you tearful farewell.