In “Overwatch” right now, it is almost possible for players to face the same kind of heroes over and over again. There is a Winston, and then there is a D.Va, let alone Tracer and Genji’s existence. As coincidental as once may think, it is not.

These heroes compose the titular Dive comp, a team composition that focuses on a high-mobility character in "Overwatch." So far, it is gaining the applause of players, most especially in the lower ranks. But as interesting as it may sound, it also has its cons to offer.

How dive comp works in the game

According to Kotaku, most plays in the game right now, at least for a good few months, have been ruled by the dive comp heroes.

This team composition makes use of heroes mentioned above, with Soldier: 76 getting a gradual run at it. The premise is to use these heroes to focus the attack on individual characters, most notably the high-valued ones. For instance, a Winston can be seen jumping on an enemy’s Mercy to try and eliminate the support. Once this is completed, he either retrieves to gain health or jump into another character. Now, imagine this strategy with four or five other heroes in the comp.

This quickly got picked up by players on the lower rankings in “Overwatch.” Not only because it is new, but merely because the comp works. Unfortunately for the opposing team, if they are not ready to take the other team’s drive, they are likely to get nailed right away.

This composition even works better if the team communicates well enough to synchronize their attacks and even ultimates.

Why it is a frustrating thing in the game

Since the idea behind dive comp in “Overwatch” is to dive and kill enemies as fast as possible, the opposing team needs to reach accordingly and timely. But alas, such reflex does not always happen, most especially if the links of Genji and Winston flank from behind.

This is where frustration becomes a huge thing to the targets. It is no just satisfying to die that easy. There is simply no excitement whatsoever. Think about fighting Reinhard or Zarya: players at least get a chance to prove themselves and put on a steady fight. But with dive comp, this barely happens. An Anna will easily be erased when a Tracer gets behind and a D-Va firing from afar.

Perhaps Blizzard has to do something about this in “Overwatch.” It just simply removes the fun and excitement. Dive comp fanatics may call it being salty, but it is just how the game should be played. Well, players against this comp will just have to wait.