Contrary to popular belief, "Destiny 2" is actually shaping to be a sales monster. This should be a surprise considering it is still a few days far from being released. Well, if such claim came a from an industry analyst, it is likely to happen.

According to VG247, an analyst has given his inputs on how "Destiny 2" will perform at least on PC. It is still an early prediction but, based on facts, there is no reason not to believe it. Here is what the analyst has to say.

Sequel shaping to be huge on PC

An analyst firm called SuperData said that, in one way or another, Bungie will be able to sell a whopping count of 3 million units on the aforementioned platform.

This figure is even enough to make the game one of the best-selling title in the big-budget category. It is worth noting that the latest feat was achieved by Blizzard's release of "Overwatch" in mid last year.

This is surprising in a sense that "Destiny 2" will release on the PC platform exactly two months after the console release. But, according to the firm, this absence will be filled by the game's sales performance in the first quarter. The latter, though, is deemed crucial, as this may dictate the overall success of the sequel on the said platform. The firm continues to add that within the first three months, the game would reach between 4 million and 5 million in terms of units sold.

How the prediction was generated

SuperData revealed that this possibility is actually foreseeable in "Destiny 2" due to "the impact of Battlenet release on PC platform and macro-level digital download trends." This even includes the sequel's promising release timeline, including the original game's sales and MAU performance.

However, the firm's prediction still falls at around 5 million units short compared to what Activision's aim to achieve. Still, it is a good run considering that it does not include the boxed sales. These, in particular, should make up for what is missing.

Whether or not "Destiny 2" follows the very footsteps of "Overwatch," this remains to be unseen.

But of course, it would be a surprise if the sequel does not make a huge impact in terms of sales. The upcoming game is expected to arrive on console sometime in September while its PC counterpart arrives on October. There is definitely a good window for players to market the follow-up game further, something that should impact its sales performance later on. Bungie also promises to offer the changes players want to see, as the studio has learned their lesson from the first title.