Blizzard has finally released Doomfist in “Overwatch,” but only in the Public Test Server. He is basically there for testing and, more importantly, implementing necessary adjustments. Unfortunately, he is not being voiced by the great Terry Crews.

According to USGamer, the studio confirmed that, contrary to popular belief, Crews will not be voicing Doomfist in “Overwatch.” This is definitely a huge upset, considering how the community -- and the actor himself -- campaigned for the role. Making it happen just seems impossible.

The arrival of a new hero

The newly released character is the 25th hero in the game. His first official appearance was in a teaser, which Blizzard released a few days back. He is believed to have escaped a Helix security prison with the help of Reaper and other members of Talon. He is considered one of the prominent members of the group.

Doomfist is an offense hero in “Overwatch,” with a skill set that makes him a “highly-mobile, powerful frontline fighter.” As a character, he is capable of dealing ranged damage using the Hand Cannon. He can also slam and knock off enemies using his fists, while his Rocket Punch skill charge enemies into a wall. Above all, his ultimate called Meteor Strike breaks a crowd apart.

One of the earliest characters in the roster

The new “Overwatch” hero was one of the earliest characters teased by Blizzard. In fact, he was first mentioned in the original cinematic trailer of the game. His official name is Akande Ogundimu, and he is Nigerian. He comes from a well-regarded family in Nigeria and is an heir to the family’s prosthetic-technology business.

He losses his right arm in the aftermath of the infamous Omnic Crisis. Moreover, Doomfist’s reveal clarifies Reaper’s role in Talon, suggesting that the mercenary is one of the many leaders within the organization.

Doomfist, on the other hand, oversees Talon and its plans. He believes that conflict makes human beings stronger, and once they learn to embrace it, they eventually attain that strength.

The “Overwatch” character plans to use the organization to influence the world and spread their ideology. However, Winston and his team do no approve, and engage in battle. The latest Developer Update video also mentions that Winston is the one responsible for putting Doomfist in prison, and this is the main reason why he goes after him and his allies. Since he is still in the PTR, players should expect adjustments from Blizzard.