Finally, Niantic launched the highly anticipated first-year anniversary event of “Pokemon GO.” As expected, the studio introduced tons of exciting stuff for players to enjoy. Here is everything about the game’s birthday in a nutshell.

According to Polygon, the anniversary event in “Pokemon GO” runs until July 24th. There are bunch of discounts and bonuses, all up for grabs. More importantly, there is a special kind of Pikachu offered to every trainer in the world.

Introducing the Anniversary Box

Niantic added an Anniversary Box that can be purchased from the game's store for the duration of the event.

The box includes Max Revives, Incubators, Ultra Balls and, more importantly, a Raid Pass. It is also available at a discounted price.

Perhaps the most interesting addition is none other than Pikachu wearing Ash Ketchum's hat. The special Pokemon is already out in the wild and it is up to trainers to capture it. Similar to the special Pikachus in the past, players can keep it even after the event.

Unfortunately, there are no Legendary creatures

Many believe that the “Pokemon GO” anniversary event would bring the Legendary creatures, however, this would not entirely be the case (unless, of course, Niantic decides to change it). Interestingly, there is still a possibility that these special beasts would instead arrive in an upcoming real-world event called “Pokemon GO Fest.” This will be taking place in Chicago’s Grant Park later on this month and is believed to be the most plausible event to introduce the legendaries.

It should be noted that the studio confirmed the inclusion of these Pokemon sometime this summer. Meanwhile, there are speculations about the Legendary creatures being the raid bosses in the fifth tier of Raid Battles. Currently, the new feature offers four tiers, but some enthusiasts suggest an upcoming fifth tier. While this is an interesting thing to look forward to, players should still take it with a grain of salt.

Apparently, this is everything that Niantic introduced in the first birthday of “Pokemon GO.” However, the studio announced that players should all stay tuned, as “more exciting news” will be coming in the next few weeks. There is a possibility that among the good news is the arrival of the Legendary beasts. For now, players should just busy themselves with all the new stuff in the anniversary event and, above all, focus on capturing the special Pikachu.