Lately, “Overwatch” players have felt a not-so likable experience in the game. It turned out that one of the tank heroes named Reinhardt was quite buggy, making it hard for players to use him. As expected, Blizzard stepped in to offer help.

According to Dot Esports, the issues the aforementioned “Overwatch” hero experienced had something to do with his hammer swing and pin/charge ability. Basically, the player latency was quite unacceptable, disturbing the animation syncing of the hero. It became a huge problem that can be seen on the battlefield.

The issues surrounding Reinhardt

Players complained on the official forum site of the game, suggesting that player latency within the game was buggy. This resulted to Reinhardt’s animation synchronization getting ditched and, as a result, his moves hardly become efficient. It is worth noting that Blizzard has been trying to fix the latency issues before the players even complained about it. Interestingly, Jeff Kaplan went to confirm that the issues were already fixed and that changes should be experienced significantly.

First and foremost, Reinhardt’s Fire Strike hit box being small has been fixed in “Overwatch.” The high network latency has been resolved and will no longer interfere with the hero’s Hammer swing.

This also fixed the slow swing speed, as it has been increased to 10 percent (though it is still on PTR). As for the animation canceling bugs – still caused by the high network latency – these have been squashed. The same with the animations of the two skills called Fire Strike and Charge. More importantly, any unreliable Charge pins will no longer happen.

The Charge pin explained

Some players have observed that Reinhardt’s Charging ability in “Overwatch” seemed to have been working incorrectly. They noticed that the hero’s charges only tend to knock enemies back instead of having them pinned on walls. It was later found out that the root cause of the issue was the high network latency.

Since Charge, among other skills in-game, is a cone-based attack, it requires a good latency.

Unfortunately, there were other issues involved and thus disturbed the latency of the skill. Kaplan asked the community that in order to mitigate this issue permanently, it would be helpful if players can explain the Charge bug using videos. This should help them “if additional issues arise.”

Interestingly, the other changes Blizzard introduced on hero in “Overwatch” PTR is game changing. This should somehow break the current team comp meta called dive meta. Remember, Zarya also got her own buff, specifically on her Graviton Surge. This ultimate will completely disable any movement abilities of the targets, rendering them useless when caught.