It cannot be denied that “Pokemon GO” players have gathered enough evidence to support the arrival of Legendary creatures in the game. Well, Niantic itself announced these species’ upcoming release before anyway. Still, it is interesting to know just how exactly these beasts will work in the game.

According to Eurogamer, the rarest creatures in “Pokemon GO,” which are called legendaries,” consist Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Mewtwo and Mew. They are considered the most powerful pocket monsters in the game. This is why players cannot help but get excited, as they all want to get hold of these Pokemon.

How will the special creatures work?

The only possible area where the Legendary creatures can be introduced is the Raid Battles feature. To those who do not know, raids let players worked alongside other players in order to defeat raid bosses. If they are successful in beating these bosses, they are to receive special rewards and/or items. Case in point, a tier 5 will exist just accommodate the special beasts. Although this remains to be unofficial, this is the only plausible way Niantic can introduce the Pokemon in raids.

This could be called Legendary raids and for “Pokemon GOplayers to participate, they must acquire Legendary passes. It is believed that Legendary tickets can only be acquired after battling hundreds of regular raid battles.

This means that players will have to grind just to obtain a pass to join a Legendary raid. Once this happens, a Legendary egg will appear atop a gym, suggesting that a raid for the special beasts will be happening.

What do players need to remember?

It is said that these special raids do not last for a long time and that “Pokemon GO” players need to participate immediately if they want to.

Although it is plausible that the special creatures cannot be used in defending gyms, players are believed to be able to use the legendaries in attacking. This is still a great inclusion, considering the kind of gameplay experience it can offer. There are also talks that the “Mystery Challenge” in the upcoming “Pokemon GO Fest” at Chicago’s Grant Park” is actually meant to introduce the Legendary Pokemon.

The “Mystery Challenge” must be unlocked, but “Pokemon GO” players can only do this by completing a set of challenges during the real-world event. Niantic, however, did not detail what this challenge is. Well, it is understandable, considering it is called “Mystery Challenge.” With the upcoming event just a few days away, it is exciting to see what sort of things the studio has prepared for the community.