Niantic promised previously that Legendary creatures would soon arrive in “Pokemon GO” come summer. However, until now, these special pocket monsters are still nowhere to be found. Many people are starting t wonder if the studio still plans to release them or not.

Interestingly, the studio continues to drop hints, suggesting the upcoming release of the Legendary creatures in “Pokemon GO.” According to Business Insider, the evidence is already mounting, confirming that these beasts are coming to the hit mobile game soon. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Evidence players have accumulated so far

Data miners acquired a line of code in June, referencing to the Legendary characters. In fact, the same code suggested that these Pokemon would be encountered by players through the new feature called Raid Battles. Basically, these beasts, contrary to popular belief, will not be able to defend and/or attack gyms. This is completely understandable

Pokemon GO” players have seen graphics code from the game files that point towards Legendary badges, eggs and raid passes. Add to this the fact that a promotional banner was recently seen on the Indian App Store, stating the “first Legendary Pokemon.” So far, this ad is the closest confirmation players have acquired since Niantic forecast the arrival of these special beasts.

If nothing else, this could officially be the first advertisement the studio has for the creatures.

Tier 5, Chicago event and more

There are also reports of Niantic conducting Tier 5 test activities in “Pokemon GO,” though only selected players are able to join. It has been proposed that the Legendary creatures will be the raid bosses of a Tier 5 level in Raid Battles.

This should explain the sighting of tests in some places near the headquarters of the studio. The video game company also announced earlier last week that the upcoming “Pokemon GO Fest” at Chicago’s Grant Park will include some set challenges. If players are successful, a “Mystery Challenge” will be unlocked. It is believed that this challenge will feature the said beasts.

Furthermore, the upcoming Chicago fest will feature the so-called Ultimate Gym in “Pokemon GO.” Many believe that, in one way or another, Niantic developed this solely for the Legendary Pokemon. Given the mounting evidence the community has accumulated, it is safe to say that these creatures are indeed coming to game. Perhaps it is just a matter of time before players will finally see them. Things are definitely getting more interesting each day.