An "Overwatch" player has discovered some sort of bug that affects Mercy's reduced Damage when the character engaged with Junkrat's trap. The bug allows Mercy to take reduced damage making her an annoying opponent. The player, aka PvpTwitch, posted this bug on their YouTube Channel, check it out below.

Mercy damage bug

Mercy is supposed to receive 80 damage when she runs into Junkrat's trap and another 120 damage upon stumbling on the concussion mine. The accumulated damage she receives from the snares should kill her, since she only has 200 HP.

However, this is not the case as shown in the clip.

She receives less than 80 damage, taking in only 74 - 78 damage when she runs over the trap. Evidently, this makes the opponent unable to kill her.

What's the problem?

According to PvpTwitch, they have figured out the "Overwatch" bug. They explained that when you get hit as Mercy then heal to full health, the next thing that happens is that your opponent's future damage gets messed up. For example, when Junkrat lands 30 damage on Mercy via punch then she recovers HP back to 200, the damage she gets from the trap is only 78.

Obviously, this is a major problem to "Overwatch" since the trap is supposed to do a full damage. The player also noted that this bug might be the same reason why he has found it hard to kill Mercy recently.

Other players react

It turns out other players also have similar experiences with Mercy's damage reception. YouTuber virusbomb413 has affirmed that it's a bug with Mercy noting that she just doesn't take the full amount of damage sometimes when full health after healing.

On the other hand, this "Overwatch" problem might have to do with how Mercy heals and her passive capabilities.

Her self-heal has time to run a single tick before it deactivates from her taking damage, Andreas Hjelm added.

Chris Thompson offers his two-cents saying Mercy's Regen likely keeps going even after hitting full health until she takes damage. If she takes damage at the same time as she is healing, the game has to decide whether she takes damage first or heals first.

It's like trying to subtract Y while adding Z at the same time. One has to go before the other. It seems like it subtracts before it adds so it comes off as though she took less damage.

Another "Overwatch" player, Fimo, believes that her self-heal seems to have time to run a single tick. However, Fimo dismisses the bug claim because the effect happens to her within the 1-second span of the passive cooling down. From what he experienced, it happens completely at random.