Overwatch” fans are wanting more of the recent Doomfist frenzy that erupted these past few days. It seems that fans are getting curious about this character and they raised the question with GD Jeff Kaplan A.K.A Papa Jeff.

In a recent video interview for Ars Technica with “Overwatch’s Game Designer Geoff Goodman, Kaplan teased that a new addition to the heroes bandwagon is hitting the game very soon and promised that it should be awesome.

We may be getting Doomfist sooner

Interestingly, the new character might turn out to be – Doomfist. Kaplan and Goodman seemed to be having fun with the hype surrounding the said character.

Knowing that the salivating fans are too eager to hear more of Doomfist’s background, Papa Jeff took a stride and jokingly revealed that the character could be a “sniper that uses magic.”

Surely, fans are quick to assume that Doomfist might exactly be the new character rolling out soon. Moreover, Kaplan's joke might be indicative that Blizzard may soon turn the green light on for the character’s inclusion in its “Overwatch” hero lineup. the same company is also notorious in trolling and poking fun at excited fans.

However, Blizzard is notorious for trolling and poking fun at excited fans. Back in 2016, a hacked email revealed that Sombra was coming to the game. By the Halloween season, Blizzard finally rolled out the character.

In the end, we learned that everything was orchestrated and the company is really fond of playing around with the community.

Suspicious crash report started it all

The same scheme might be happening again this time around. Just recently, a crash report has revealed that Doomfist is coming to the game via the much-awaited return of Summer Games.

The rumor circulated after players posted some evidence in forums and community threads allowing other players to check out the news for themselves.

According to Gamers Radar, Blizzard might have hidden the information so that data mining fans would find them and announce it to the rest of the community. This is the same trolling scheme Blizzard did with Sombra’s release.

And now that “Overwatch” developers are talking about it in the open, Doomfist might actually be landing a spot in the hero selection tab. Doomfist has been long-teased and its reemergence to the public consciousness follows Blizzard’s release schedule for a new character. Note that the company tracks a notable three-to-four month gap per character launch.

Moreover, if these assumptions fall in line with the developer’s timeline, Doomfist might actually drop either this July or August 2017.