In “Overwatch," the high-flying cybernetic ninja Genji is definitely a fan favorite basically because of the high damage he does in each attack. But aside from the high mobility game style his character offers, there’s another interesting thing about him – his Voice Actor, Gaku Space.

Gaku gets surprising gift

In his recent outing, Genji's voice actor was spotted hanging out with some fans. Gaku, who is famously known for his quirky and fun personality, proves that he is definitely one of the coolest “Overwatch” voice actors. But little did he know that his fans were about to surprise him with a very special gift – his very own katana.

Clad in white T-shirt and black tight pants, “Oh my God!” were the first words that came out of his mouth to express that he was genuinely happy for the surprise. “It’s so cool!” he gushed. He then tried to pull out the sword from its scabbards and carefully lashed out through the air.

But having the katana at hand – and Genji, of course – these “Overwatch” aficionados did not let the moment slide without asking Gaku to reenact his famous Dragonblade scene.

“Wait! You are supposed to say the [ultimate] when you pull out the sheath bro,” the fan requested.

Genji agreed, “Yeah, man!” And then everyone burst into laughter trying to control their excitement.

What came up next is an epic “Ryūjin no ken wo kurae!” reenactment.

Everyone in the scene was stunned and gazed in pure awe. Most fans were surely excited to see this moment for themselves and now it’s actually captured on a video for everyone to see, DBL Tap reported.

Gaku is the perfect 'Overwatch' Genji

By looking at the way Gaku clenched his hands on the sword’s handle when he pulled it out from the sheath, you can definitely tell that he's an expert with sword fighting.

He’s been lending his voice to Genji’s character both for the popular game, “Overwatch," and other cinematic shorts.

During Comic Con in Kuwait, the voice actor was also spotted reenacting the Dragonblade scene but without an actual katana. His utterance of his character’s ultimate sounded as if it was played straight from the game.

In the end, fans were static and happy to witness such delivery.

Moreover, Gaku previously appeared as Goki in “Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist.” He also landed an acting stint in “Shake It Up” and “How I Met Your Mother.”

Watch Genji’s actual Dragonblade scenes in the video below:

Gaku in Comic Con Kuwait: