One of the issues players have with “Destiny 2” is the possible inconsistent flow of DLCs. It holds true that most, if not all, of the contents in the original game reached success. However, players were not entirely happy with Bungie’s process of releasing contents.

There was a high demand of contents in the first title, but the studio was not able to catch up. As a result, players were disappointed as they feel like there was no progress at all. In “Destiny 2,” however, the studio is set to improve this area.

Sequel should contain lots of story contents

According to VG247, Bungie is all set to reveal more stories to the upcoming sequel. The studio even assured the fans that some story elements would be the biggest change they will notice in the game. The revelation was courtesy of Jason Harris and Matthew Ward, the studio’s senior narrative, and cinematic lead, respectively.

Harris said that the studio has “spent a lot of time world building” to guarantee a desirable gameplay experience in “Destiny 2.” He also revealed that, in one way or another, they are ready to showcase these stories to the community. Harris went to say that these are not only going to be big, these are also going to be massive cinematic stories.

The story expansion, in particular, made some fans uneasy before, as they were afraid the studio would fail in this area once again. But it seems the other way around, something that players need to look forward to.

Bungie has learned their lesson

Ward, on the other hand, suggested that the developers have learned a lot from the original game.

As a matter of fact, he admitted about how important it was to listen to people’s feedbacks. Ward also revealed that they explore the world of “Destiny 2” to fully grasp its universe and create story expansions out of it. “As we explored it, we found stories that we personally wanted to tell,” he explained.

Destiny 2” is set to deploy its beta next week on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, July 18 and July 19, respectively.

It should be noted. However, the early access testing will only apply to players who pre-ordered the game. The beta would eventually open to all players come July 21. Participants should be able to experience the opening mission called Homecoming. They will then be introduced to the new Crucible mode Countdown and The Inverted Spire Strike. More importantly, they will get to meet the new Subclasses.