After several tests during the beta phase for “Diablo 3’s” patch 2.6.0, Blizzard Entertainment has finally released it for the public to use. They have also given a statement to a certain controversy to an exploit.

Blizzard releases the latest patch

The game company has recently implemented patch 2.6.0 for their video game after their Beta Testing. Community manager Tyvalir thanked the players and their own QA team for testing the beta version of the patch so that they can find out most of the problems it was plagued with.

Patch might still have bugs despite testing

The game developers admitted that the new patch might have some problems even after their beta test. They have predicted that this might happen, which is why they made some preparations before releasing it to the public.

First, they ended the previous Era before they implemented the latest patch so that they could safely store the history of what the players did in that Era’s leaderboards. Season 11 was purposely delayed so that they could make some fixes for different issues that might appear after the post-patch launch.

Implementations and hotfixes

After implementing patch 2.6.0 to “Diablo 3,” Blizzard has received some reports from players all over the world and they have prepared some hotfixes to fix the remaining problems that would affect the leaderboards of Season 11.

The bad news is that some have been affected already with the new Era leaderboards, which is why they will have to wipe the leaderboards clean to make it fair and make it free of problems.

The game developers have also found some underperforming items as well like the Set items, which they will make some adjustments right away.

One of the sets that were affected was the Bones of Rathma six-piece set bonus. Players will only be required to have four Skeletal Mages active so that they can have the full 2500 percent damage bonus, but they can still summon up to ten mages.

Fixing the exploit and apology

The hotfix that Blizzard provided recently made some technical problems, which made them delay the next hotfix next week and they have apologized for the mess.

They are also asking the players to avoid the hotfix that has turned into an exploit to prevent further damage. To make up for the problem, they will be providing a Double XP buff soon and this will be an exception.

Recent hotfix few details

The recent hotfix was not all that problematic because it fixed several issues of “Diablo 3” before it was implemented. It fixed several items that had issues working like the set bonuses, and it also fixed a skill of a rune that had issues.

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