Blizzard just dropped a huge update today on the “Overwatch” Public Test Realm. It brought a lot of changes to a number of heroes, but perhaps the most noticeable one is Zarya’s. It changed the way her ultimate Graviton Surge victimizes the other heroes.

According to Dot Esports, the new update on the “Overwatch” test server changes Zarya’s ultimate capability. Unlike before, it now disables all of the targets’ movement abilities similar to Junkrat’s trap. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Graviton Surge receives buffs

Basically, the tank’s ultimate will no longer allow targets to produce movement abilities.

The latter refers to skills that allow heroes to bail out of the said ultimate, leaving the set-up totally useless in one way or another. In PTR, however, this will not be the case anymore. Any hero trapped in the Graviton Surge will not be able to escape its effects. Take for example Genji’s Swift Strike: once he is caught, he cannot use it to get out of Zarya’s ultimate.

Blizzard is making Zarya’s Graviton Surge as significant as Junkrat’s trap in “Overwatch.” Tracer will no longer escape it either, even if she uses her Recall or teleporting ability. D.Va, on the other hand, will not be able to bail out using her boosters. The list goes on and on. This is definitely a huge change not only on Zarya’s influence in the battlefield but as well as the overall team comp meta.

It is safe to say that her ultimate is now a game-changing skill.

Why Blizzard introduced such change

The studio did not really explain why Zarya got the buff on her ultimate in “Overwatch,” but some players believe it has something to do with the popular team comp in the game right now. It is none other than the dive comp, which makes use of highly mobile characters such as Winston, Genji, and Tracer.

Remember: the change the studio did to Zarya is allowing her ultimate to completely disable hero movements. This, in particular, affects the highly mobile heroes in the game. Therefore, there is a valid reason why the video game company opted to make the change.

Moreover, this makes Zarya a valuable pick in “Overwatch,” most particularly in competitive matches.

More players will resort to her rather than the dive comp characters such as Winston and D.Va. Blizzard is perhaps bringing a change in the game in order to break the current team comp meta. But of course, since it is still in PTR, a lot might still happen.