The set of skins released today for the latest hero in “Overwatch” reveals more than just aesthetics. The arrival of the hero’s cosmetics brings joy to players who were left wondering why Doomfist was launched without the usual skins, emotes, sprays, and voice lines. The most recent addition to the hero’s interesting persona not only gives him a fresh look, it also takes players back to its origin, Nigeria.


Fans very well know that Akande Ogundimu, popularly known as Doomfist, is a Nigerian. Interestingly, Blizzard highlighted the hero’s heritage through the skins that are released today in the game’s PTR.

Aside from the fresh new look that these skins give, it also made the hero’s heritage an important part of his character. It was revealed that the latest additions to the hero’s personality were inspired by cultural traditions.

In a Twitter post of Ubisoft Montreal’s Marketing Manager Andrien Gbingie, he offered more explanation about the context of the skins and the inspiration behind it. According to Gbingie, two Legendary skins released today are based on orishas. These are spirits that mirror the gods of the religion called Yoruba. Based on his official bio, Doomfist descended from Yoruba, which is one of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria. There are different color varieties in orisha that represents to different values and icons significant to the faith.

The Legendary skins

According to Gbingie’s explanation, the two legendary skins, Avatar and Spirit represent a deeper meaning. The red colored Avatar skin stands for quick temper and harshness. On the other hand, the Spirit skin is colored blue. This stands for gentleness, compassion, and tranquility. While the meaning behind the skins is not that obvious as to their relationship to the Yoruba culture, the image, however, is strong.

People who belong to the ethnic group can definitely identify with the design of the skins.

The legendary skins along with other skins, emotes, intros, voicelines, and sprays are now available on “Overwatch” public test region. For PC players who would like to try them, they can visit the game’s PTR now.

Aside from the latest skins and other cosmetics, Doomfist also received several changes in the game’s PTR.

Earlier, his Rocket Punch was nerfed from 30 meters to only 20 meters range now. Moreover, other heroes like McCree, Zarya, Reaper, and even Reinhardt receive several changes in their abilities. The much-awaited changes for Roadhog, however, have not yet arrived.

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