The entire “Overwatch” community was pleased after knowing that Doomfist was finally available. The gauntlet-wearing hero first arrived on the game’s Public Test Realm. After a few weeks of undergoing tests, Blizzard released him on the official servers.

But interestingly, there appears to be a leak from the “Overwatch” developers themselves. ComicBook suggests that it refers to another new hero in the making. Some were convinced, but others were not sold out with the idea.

Introducing Psyren

The aforementioned leak mentions the lengthy description of Psyren, who is believed to be the next hero after Doomfist.

She is said to be a former member of Blackwatch, a group who holds a grudge against the Omnics. The character is on a path to avenge her mother’s death, who is killed by the said robots. She appears to be a versatile hero in one way or another. She is somehow highly mobile, but she also possesses a couple of tanking abilities. This is not to mention the retractable sword she wields. She can even use it to hurl enemies from a distance.

Without a doubt, Psyren can be an inclusion to the defensive department in “Overwatch.” Some, however, would say otherwise. This is due to the fact that she has skills that make her a formidable DPS character. But given the arrival of Doomfist, it simply does not make sense for the studio to release yet another DPS.

In fact, the community is longing for a hero in the support category. They believe that the game is packed with damage type heroes, but lack in the utility department.

Not everyone is convinced

It holds true that Psyren has some interesting skills and backstory to offer. However, not all “Overwatch” players are convinced. They believe that the leak was fake and that the hero was nothing but a sham.

Say it is a leak, it cannot be denied that the one who put or made it is highly skilled. The details were off the characters, let alone the design and gist of the hero. There are red flags to be considered, though. For instance, the art for the hero is a bit different from the official house style. It does not take an expert to know that the drawing is not a product of Blizzard’s design team.

Furthermore, players have never seen a 3D model based on the releases from the “Overwatch” developers. Her description, on the other hand, is way too deep. Remember: in the history of Blizzard releasing heroes, they never gave in so many details about a character. Psyren, however, is an exception. Her descriptions seem to describe her entire existence already.