Pokemon GO Fest” was the first real-world event from Niantic. It was supposed to be a meaningful event packed with various activities. Unfortunately, it did end the way the studio wanted it to be.

Recently, Niantic revealed that despite the disaster from “Pokemon GO Fest,” real-world events would still be happening. However, as reported by The Verge, the studio will have to delay the launching of these events. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

European events to be delayed

Just a couple of days after the aforementioned event in Chicago’s Grant Park, the studio announced its plans to hold yet another set of events in Europe.

But before these, another event will take place in Yokohama, Japan. However, after the latter, the developers will have to delay the events scheduled in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam, and Prague. These were supposed to commence starting August 5 and ending come August 16. But unfortunately, the studio will push the dates back based on the experience they had in Chicago.

Basically, Niantic wants to ensure that the mess in “Pokemon GO Fest” will not happen in Europe. It is worth noting that the event was plagued with data congestion, an issue that prevented players from logging in. Some were able to access their accounts, but they were eventually kicked from the game. The studio blamed the cellular networks for their data infrastructure.

The company, however, admitted that they also had their own flaws. Their servers were not working as intended, thus contributed to the total mess in the Chicago-based event.

As a form of compensation

As of this writing, the studio cannot provide a specific date for the EuropeanPokemon GO Fest” events. They promised, however, to announce the new schedules in the next few weeks or so.

Interestingly, Niantic will be giving them compensation for the delay. Basically, the studio will release Pokemon in Europe that are rarely seen in the area. They did not mention, however, what these pocket monsters are. Still, fans from Europe will have a whole new reason to go outside and look after the creatures.

Meanwhile, Niantic is facing legal issues after the “Pokemon GO Fest” in Chicago.

Some of the attendees are reportedly suing the studio for not delivering what was promised. They are asking the company to refund their airfares. They basically bought tickets just to join the event held at Grant Park, but to their dismay, it was a total mess up. Although Niantic did refund the attendees of their tickets and in-game credits, they never went for the fares and plane tickets. Currently, the studio does not want to comment on “pending legal matters.”