Gamers who have been working hard to get on the master level in “Overwatch” are finally paying off. Just recently, Blizzard announced the details about the game’s Open Division. The latest move from the game developer is described as the testing ground for players to prove their strengths as a team. Players can make a name for themselves in the game’s Esport scene and earn rewards as well.

What is this about?

OverwatchOpen Division will introduce organized play for any player starting from Masters rank and higher. This will be a very good venue for players aspiring to be in the professional league of the game.

This is for all player who has reached 3500 SR or in the Master level or above in the fourth competitive season of the game. In addition, those who were able to complete the Open Division during the regular season will be rewarded with $10 Blizzard credit in appreciation of their efforts.

Aside from those, this will aid in tracking a team with the use of free agent queue for players who needs teammates to play with. Moreover, this is not a one-time event but will run even up to the future competitive season of the game. This would give players the chance to reach the required rank even if they were not able to reach it in the fourth competitive season of the game.

For the future seasons, players who will be able to finish on top in the Open Division will be given a chance to get into “Overwatch” Contenders.

The Contenders is the game’s development league for future game’s League professionals. In the US, in Australia and New Zealand, the Open Division will be run by ESL.

On the other hand, Starladder will handle the operations for Eastern Europe while Faceit takes care of the Western Europe’s region. For teams interested to sign-up, the period has already started and will run through June 21.

They can sign-up using their Blizzard account in the game’s Open Division website.


For players who would like to participate in “Overwatch” Open Division, he must meet all the requirements specified by Blizzard. This includes 3500 in ranking or higher from the previous season’s in-game rank. In addition, the player must only play in the specified region where his Battlenet account is registered.

Moreover, he must be 13 years of age or older. After this, Blizzard will run an eligibility check when the signup time closes on June 21. Those found qualified after the eligibility check will be communicated by the team.