Game developer Activision and publisher Blizzard Entertainment has recently announced the “Overwatch” League and it already has seven new teams for the competition.

'Overwatch' League details

The game publisher and developer revealed that what they announced was a new e-sports league with the video game “Overwatch.” This will be the first major e-sports league and they will be based on cities all over the world. This is similar to the professional sports leagues right now.

The publisher revealed that there will be seven teams in this league, which will be New York, Miami-Orlando, Boston, Los Angeles, Seoul, and Shanghai.

Before the end of the year, the first season will be launched and there might be a big chance there will be more teams added to the announced seven.

Owners of league teams details

There will be different owners of these league teams all over the world, which will handle the sponsorship and other necessities for the players. For the city of Boston, Kraft Group Chairman and CEO Robert Kraft will be sponsoring its team. CofoCo-founder partner at Sterling VC Jeff Wilpon will own the New York City league team.

The city of San Francisco will be owned by NRG Esports chairman and founder Andy Miller. Immortals CEO Noah Whinston will be the one to handle the city of Los Angeles’ league team. The Miami-Orlando league team will be owned by Misfits CEO and cofounder Ben Spoont.

Shanghai City in China will have their own league team with handlers from the Chinese internet technology company NetEase. Lastly, Seoul City’s league team will be led by Kabam co-founder Kevin Chou.

Blizzard Entertainment CEO explains new league

Blizzard Entertainment CEO and cofounder Mike Morhaime stated that they built this “Overwatch” League for the fans of all types: the traditional sports fans who are intrigued with esports, the regular esports fans, and the big gaming fans.

He expressed his excitement for having people who are into these competitions involved and plan to remain professional about it. They also said that they are excited to start their first major international city league.

Preparations for league competition and future developments

The “Overwatch” League Season 1 regular-season matches will be played at an esports arena in the area of Los Angeles so that the other teams can prepare their own venues in their own cities.

In this way, they can do the proper home-and-away play in future matches. During the season, each of the games will be played on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

'Overwatch' gets new patch

In other related news, the video game just received its latest update. While many gamers are waiting for Doomfist to be implemented, this new patch only fixed a few general and Heroes-specific issues.

Check out the "Overwatch" League Introduction video below: