Blizzard today released on “Overwatch” PTR massive buffs for several heroes. In the past weeks, players have been complaining about the game’s dive comps apparently taking over the game. Because of this, many players find it tough to play. Moreover, a set of heroes were taken out due to extra focus is given to divers. This frustration that players have been voicing out appears to have been heard by the game developer. The good news is, the team is doing something for these issues and resolution might come soon.

Latest update

According to Blizzard's Principal Designer Geoff Goodman, there are several things that they are doing right now to address the issues.

Among the latest updates revealed by Goodman include their work on Doomfist. Currently, they are working with several of the hero’s abilities like the Rocket Punch and Seismic Slam.

For the hero’s Rocket Punch, its range is now reduced to only 20 percent from the previous 30 percent distance traveled. The team has also added a new UI indicator. This will enable players to see the damage the hero will deal out and inflicted. This was previously visible only when players use the default crosshair. With the latest indicator, the damage will be visible notwithstanding the changes in the crosshair. Blizzard has now also restricted targeting the Seismic Slam ability for the hero of players whose locations are lower than the hero’s present height.

Other changes to heroes

Blizzard also tweaked McCree’s Flashbang. When thrown, targets are now significantly slowed down. This prevents opponents from slipping away or going into the corner. Reaper’s Shadow Step is also tweaked. Shadow Step's SFX and VO distance have been reduced.

Reinhardt’s Hammer is getting several changes.

Blizzard has increased the speed of its Swing by 10 percent along with numerous timing and other details that make the Hammer more responsive. Another notable change with the hero is that when it is charging and gets impacted, Reinhardt only gets knockdown but no longer deals damage. The same applies with Doomfist.

In addition, Zarya’s Graviton Surge is now similar to Junkrat’s trap.

All movement abilities of its opponents are now disabled when Graviton Surge is used. With the recent changes, McCree can now soft-lock a target that is thrown a flashbang.

While the recent changes with the “Overwatch” heroes are interesting, Blizzard has not revealed any changes to Roadhog. Fans, for now, will just have to wait for more updates from the developer and start hoping that their complaints get addressed very soon.