The much-awaited skins and emotes for the latest “Overwatch” hero Doomfist is finally released in the game’s public test region. The hero’s arrival in the game’s PTR created a large buzz among fans. Noticeably, while his abilities were accessible to players, the Nigerian hero arrived without the usual skins, highlights and emotes. Fans have been speculating that the hero’s skins might be released alongside the Summer Games 2017.

Latest Doomfist update

Blizzard has finally released on the game’s PTR the highly awaited skins, highlight, emotes, intros and other cosmetics for the Seismic Slamming hero.

Among Doomfist’s highlight intros recently released are Heroic, Meteor, One Punch, and Uppercut.

For the hero’s Emotes Blizzard launched Heroic, Fake Out, and Intimidate. Ready for Battle, Take a Knee, and Thumbs Down are also included in Doomfist’s emotes. He has also a long list of voicelines. Among them includes Combo Breaker, Try Me, and Don't Get Back Up. He can also be heard now saying I Haven't Even Started, Go and Sit Down, and KO. Other voicelines released for the hero includes You Must Be Joking, Spare Me the Commentary, Talk to the Fist, You're Not Bad, and One Punch is All I Need.

Aside from those, the 25th “Overwatch” hero also got a punch kid spray. While it was previously confirmed that his Rocket Punch was nerfed, players are expecting that more changes will roll out for Doomfist before Blizzard finally release him.

At the moment, he will stay on the PTR to collect data and check on possible bugs. The hero is expected to go live on the game servers in the following weeks.

Patch 1.13

Currently, Patch 1.13 is on the game’s public test region. Among the expected changes that will roll out when the update is finally released includes the Highlight system.

Players are also waiting for its official release because it also contains improvement in the game’s loot system.

Aside from those, the upcoming patch is also expected to launch the Summer Games 2017 upon its release. However, Blizzard has not yet made any official comment about this. In the previous weeks, there were several reports from players claiming to have discovered through datamining the logo for the upcoming in-game event. Icons were also found and even audios that resemble drumbeating.

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