The new “Overwatch” that is now live on the game’s PTR was released without any skins available. This raised concerns among fans. He is the only hero, so far, that was launched with this kind of setup. However, according to the latest leaks, the seismic slamming hero will have skins, sprays, cosmetics, and Summer Games skins.

Latest data mine

According to Reddit user Zenofy (also known as DocterrificDoc), he has recently discovered in several of his data mining efforts details about Doomfist’s skins and cosmetics. The Redditor revealed that the latest “Overwatch” hero will have four cosmetic items in the upcoming summer games event.

The user speculated that most likely, the team will give more weight to the hero’s emotes and sprays since he is a new release.


In addition, the Redditor also said that most likely the cosmetics that will be released will be event-specific. These include Rare Icon, Common Voice Line, and Common Spray. He also mentioned that the Legendary or Epic skin will also be released for the Nigerian hero.

DocterrificDoc also shared that the new game hero is scheduled to have 67 cosmetics at launch. These cosmetics can be found under Doomfist’s Achievement. This includes Cute Spray, Pixel Spray, and the Golden Gun.

Apart from those, the Redditor also discovered seven cosmetic items under Standard/Common.

These are random highlight intro, default voice line, classic skin, heroic emote, heroic highlight intro, non-gold default weapon skin, and heroic victory pose. As for the other 57 items, the Reddit user said it's all under the common findings and will mostly be composed of voice lines, skins, and emotes among others.

Summer Games

So far, there is no new information about the upcoming Summer Games 2017. The last time fans were given an update about the event was when the sprays and logo of the event were reportedly found on data mine. Obviously, Blizzard has been silent on this issue.

Blasting News previously reported that there were audios found on data mine with prominent drumming sound.

There are speculations that the event will be released in the early part of August following the release pattern from the previous year. Other claims say the game would most likely involve several countries based on the icons previously leaked online. For now, these are all speculations.

We will give you more updates about the upcoming “OverwatchSummer Games 2017 event as soon as information becomes available.