Mastering any competitive tournament requires plenty of preparation. That's why pro gamers spend hours upon hours getting ready for the big Matches. Skills are important but constant practice, strategies, and good teammates are what ultimately decides the outcome of an encounter. Especially when you are out by yourself, much is up to chance and good luck.

In those cases, finding the right team is the only thing you can really hope for. Time is of the essence. Join the queue at the wrong moment and you'll have to share the next fights with people who don't really know what they're doing.

When should you sit down and Play, then?

The real meaning of weekend gamer

The "Overwatch" community seems to have found an answer to the age-old question. According to Redditor ThaITGuy, ranked playing has a much higher chance to be successful when done on weekdays. The internet lurker isn't only talking out of his own hat. Some science actually went into this post, with its author taking the time to experiment and compare the results.

Joining the queue with two different accounts - one to be used from Monday to Friday; the other specifically for the weekend - the difference is immediately clear. On the former, our fellow "Overwatch" fan managed to reach an SR score of 3287. The latter stopped a tad short of 2800.

Both accounts were used by the same player, who only joined in to cover support roles.

What does this mean for Overwatch?!

While it looks scientific enough at first glance, this test is far from being fair. Blizzard's matchmaking system - albeit hardly impartial - takes a humongous amount of variables into consideration. A simple side-by-side comparison doesn't even begin to scratch the surface.

For more substantial results, the exact number of active players, play-time, team composition, latency, and map rotation should also have been put on record.

That said, ThaITGuy wasn't completely wrong. On weekends and national holiday, all Blizzard servers see a larger traffic than what would be there on a Tuesday morning. Free from their day-to-day activities, less proficient players often decide to boot up the game and play a few matches.

Aside from featuring one of the most active global competitive scenes to date, "Overwatch" is a great way to blow off some steam. If you are up for some solo challenges, keeping to weekdays may be the most sensible choice. Nevertheless, try not to forget how important playing with a well-oiled team is; especially at higher levels!