Many did not expect “Horizon Zero Dawn” to acquire huge success in the market. It was perhaps one of the underdogs in its category, but developer Guerilla Games proved them all wrong. In fact, its success was enough to convince Sony to make the title a franchise.

Just recently, the studio reached a new milestone, as they won the hearts of “Horizon Zero Dawn” fans at the Develop Awards. It acquired some of the biggest awards that night, giving the game’s popularity a huge boost. Here is everything about it in a nutshell.

Guerilla Games win monster awards

According to Gamasutra, the developer was amongst the biggest winner at the recently concluded Develop Awards, which took place at Brighton. They went home with the Studio of the Year and Animation Awards for the impressive work they did on the aforementioned title. This is deemed as the most significant achievement of the company, exponentially boosting their reputation within the industry.

Horizon Zero Dawn” became a hit title due to its story, concept and gameplay mechanics. The PlayStation 4-exclusive quickly acquired a huge following, which eventually leads to its massive growth in sales. Publisher Sony iterated that the title has the potential to reach even greater heights and thus decided to create a franchise out of it.

This means that a sequel can be expected and, more importantly, there will be more content-based updates.

The upcoming DLC

Developer Guerilla Games is set to release the first “Horizon Zero Dawn” DLC called “The Frozen Wilds.” The studio showcased the content at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), giving the audience a heads up.

The content will bring Aloy, the game’s main protagonist, in a different world wrapped in snow. As expected, she will be going up against massive mechanized monsters and several in-game missions. The studio, however, did not give away too many details about the DLC.

The Frozen Wilds” is proof that “Horizon Zero Dawn” is on a whole new level.

There were rumors before that had the title fail, no content would have been developed. Well, it all went the other way around and the DLC is already confirmed for release later this year. Guerilla Games promised a new kind of gameplay experience in the forthcoming content, with tons of exciting side quests and weaponry to explore. There will also be secret places that players need to explore. Once unraveled, they can expect to obtain exciting rewards and bonuses. This is definitely a huge milestone for the entire community.