Hardcore gamers of the popular strategy mobile game, clash royale,” will have their chance to get the Princess from a Super Magical Chest that is offered with a whopping discount. Meanwhile, the new Sudden Death Challenge is now live in the game.

Princess offer

Fans uncovered that the test servers of the game have leaked an impending offer of a Super Magical Chest that will be available with a hefty discount. This recent leak came out initially on the game’s subreddit and revealed that players will only pay 400 gems for this chest to unlock the Princess from the regular cost of 3,400 gems!

Not only that, they will also have a one-in-three chance to get the coveted legendary card that is twice the normal odds to complete their card collection and save 3,000 gems. Gamers will need to spend $30 for the Super Magical Chest while 10 of the Princess chests that are 4,000 gems in total will cost around $35.

The catch

Alternatively, the Legendary chests contain one legendary card and only cost 500 gems – a much better deal for those who are after getting more legendary cards to fill out their collection. But it is noted that the Super Magical Chest has a guaranteed number of epic and rare cards based on the current arena level of players.

The catch is that players need to have a total of 2,000 trophies to get an access to this Super Magical Chest.

This could be Supercell's way to motivate the players in reaching this number of trophies as fast as they could in order to avail of the massive discount soon.

Sudden Death Challenge

More on “Clash Royale” news, the Sudden Death Challenge in the summer of 2v2 is now live and notably, it’s the third of the five challenges planned in the whole month of July.

This new challenge pits players in a three-minute match where double elixir gain is active for the whole time and victory awaits the team that is first to take down one tower.

It looks like the Summer of 2v2 will not feature the 2v2 challenges with teammates. It is confirmed to be underway but seemingly, it won't make it in time before the event ends this month.

Nne of the mobile games from Supercell is not expected to receive new content this month. Apparently, most members of the development team are on vacation right now because of the Annual Holidays Act in Finland.

"Clash Royale" is a fremium mobile strategy game developed and published by Supercell. It was released in March 2016 on Android and iOS platforms.