The “final fantasy” franchise has spurred in popularity over the years for its creative stories, intuitive gameplay, and relatable characters. Each game in the series has their own cast of characters that you can play and, in turn, learn more about who they are and their motives for joining the group.

Similarly, “Final Fantasy” also supports diversity with its characters and promotes strong female characters in the game. Most of these ladies know how to defend themselves in a fight and can easily take down enemies with a few hits. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of the best heroines in the series.

Tifa Lockhart

This barmaid first appeared in “Final Fantasy VII” as Cloud’s childhood friend and a member of the eco-terrorist group known as AVALANCHE. She lived with the protagonist back in their hometown, Nibelheim, before the Shinra SOLDIER, Sephiroth, destroyed the area and even killed her father. Since then, she’s been seeking revenge against Shinra who she believes took everything away from her.

Tifa Lockhart has gained immense popularity over the years for her stunning good looks, but don’t her appearance fool you. This femme fatale can shred enemies with her bare fists as she’s studied under martial arts master Zangan. Her power lies with her martial arts and she can perform plenty of flashy attacks during her limit break, as per Blame the Lag.

Celes Chere

She was a Magitek Knight who initially served the Gestahlian Empire before eventually betraying them and joined the Returners. Celes made her grand debut in “Final Fantasy VI” and served not only as Locke Cole’s love interest but also as a foil to Terra Brandford. During the first half of the game, Celes assists the party whenever she can until Kefka eventually became a god and ruined the world.

This is where she truly shines in the game as Celes becomes something of a main character during the second arc as she travels the world to reunite the cast. Having a Rune Knight class, Celes also has access to some powerful magic apart from her powerful swordsmanship.


First appearing in “Final Fantasy X,” Yuna was a summoner who took up a duty to defeat Sin and risk her life to save everyone in Spira.

During her journey, she inspired those around her and never faltered even after finding out the truth about her pilgrimage.

While Yuna relies on the strength of her allies, she’s no pushover since it was implied that she took down a set of enemies on her own. As a summoner, she has the potential to become a great healer while calling down divine beings to fight for her.