Players might be too caught up with Raid Battles in “Pokemon GO,” but the game is still about catching pocket monsters. Besides, if they want to guarantee a win in raids, they need to at least have good roster of creatures. This is most especially if you plan to climb the tier ladder.

Eurogamer has put up some interesting details on how some regional Exclusive monsters can be caught in “Pokemon GO.” It holds true, though, Niantic has yet to officially confirm any regional availabilities. Fortunately, groups or communities, such as The Silph Road, help in giving players concrete knowledge about some of the technical aspect of the game.

Of course, this includes the locations where players may or may not capture a certain Pokemon.

A deeper understanding of regional locked creatures

There was a player who actually managed to capture all creatures in the game. The only catch, however, was he did not own a Kangaskhan, Farfetch’d and Mr. Mime. He believed that these were all but pocket monsters locked to certain regions. This notion further grew by the arrival of second generation Pokemon such as Heracross and Corsola, both of which have their own exclusive locations.

To begin, Tauros is believed to be available in all of North America. Although there is word about this “Pokemon GO” creature’s existence in South America, it remains to be officially confirmed, either way.

Next is Kangaskhan, a beast believed to exist only in Australia. However, there are players in New Zealand claiming that the beast exists in their country. Lastly, Mr. Mime, which is locked to Europe. But the recent changes and/or updates Niantic introduced made the Pokemon an exclusive to UK only.

A popular theory in the game

There is no word from Niantic regarding the exclusivity of these creatures in “Pokemon GO.” They did not even mention about a plausible plan of making them available in other areas. After all, these creatures deserved to be captured by all trainers in the world. Interestingly, there is a theory suggesting that this exclusivity will soon diminish the moment the Legendary creatures.

Basically, the special beasts are believed to arrive in “Pokemon GO” this summer. Although the studio never confirmed a certain date, it should be on July 6, which is the same date the game launched last year. Going back to the Legendary creatures, they are said to be the raid bosses in Tier 5 of Raid Battles. The reason the company is believed to remove exclusivity is to provide players with other Pokemon option to fight the raid bosses. While this is interesting, it should be taken with a grain of salt.