Perhaps among the most interesting things in “Overwatch” are loot boxes. These allow players to acquire in-game items such as sprays, emotes and skins, among others. However, the possible rate of duplicates happening is just way too high. This caused some players to air their frustrations, asking Blizzard to give it a look.

“Overwatch” players have been opening dozens of loot boxes and seeing legendary skins. However, to the dismay of them, the skins are usually nothing but a mere duplicate of the previously acquired ones. It is just plain unacceptable, as it does not really provide any value at all.

Fortunately, the studio will be making some changes, confirming that duplicates will be lessened.

Reducing duplicates in the game’s loot boxes

Blizzard reportedly announced that players can expect to see fewer duplications in loot boxes in the coming weeks. It was the game’s very own director Jeff Kaplan who dropped the good news. The studio basically released a developer video (embedded below) discussing the changes the team made on the said boxes. Kaplan iterated that, in one way or another, the reduction they made in the game will feel “fantastic.”

In the video, the “Overwatch” game director said that they are set to introduce “significant improvements” to the entire loot box system. The main focus is to “drastically reduce” the possibility of duplicates that player can acquire from the boxes.

Although he cannot provide a specific date, he promised the community that such change will immediately become evident in the game. After all, they themselves believe that it is a significant change that needs to happen as soon as possible.

Increasing the number of credits

Interestingly, the plans Blizzard has for the aforementioned system in “Overwatch” do not end there.

That is because the number of credits players can obtain will also be increased. This is the studio’s way of extending compensation to the fandom. The studio revealed that, as soon as the update arrives, players’ credit intake will either stay the same or increase. Nevertheless, the video game company clarified that the changes do not necessarily remove duplication.

Instead, the possibility of them happening will be far less compared to the current structure.

Loot boxes have played an important role in keeping the fun within the “Overwatch” community. Players grow excited whenever they receive one, as they anticipate the possibility of acquiring the "cool stuff." With the changes the studio promised to bring, this experience will further be improved. This should be enough to keep the game’s momentum at bay.