Orisa’s addition to “Overwatch” brought a new meta, as players would rather use her than most other tanks in the game. This is purely thanks to her skill set packed with abilities that define her as anchor tank. But no matter how effective she is on the battlefield, some players just fail. This is because they do not truly understand how Orisa works in “Overwatch.” They do not realize how effective she can be if and only if her skills are utilized accordingly. With that said, below are some efficient ways to help players use the character correctly.

Deploy the Protective Barrier on the right spot

The Protective Barrier gives the hero and her team a solid line of defense, despite it being installed in a single location. Although it is stationary, it allows the team to take full control of a particular spot. But of course, to make this possible, the player using the hero must deploy the barrier correctly. It must be placed in a way that the team is well-covered.

Interestingly, this skill in “Overwatch” easily cools down, allowing Orisa to deploy it over and over again. Remember though, that it only offers a total of 900 health points, which is relatively small compared to Reinhardt’s shield. Regardless, it is still an effective means of defending.

Use Supercharger when most allies are around

The Supercharger is basically Orisa’s ultimate, and it gives her and the team damage boost. When used, a blue tether of sort (similar to Mercy’s) can be seen, all of which are connected to the Supercharger. The best time to deploy this is obviously when most of the allies are around.

This should be enough to fend off enemies from advancing or provide the team’s DPS characters insurmountable damage.

However, her ultimate should not just be deployed anywhere on the map in “Overwatch.” It must not be left out in the open, as enemies can easily destroy it. As much as possible, deploy it in an area that is enough to be in range with the team.

Spam her Fortify

Perhaps one the most interesting skills of Orisa in “Overwatch” is her Fortify. It basically hardens her skin, giving her defense boost. It even allows her to take heavy damages without getting ditched. More importantly, it gives her team another set of defense. The key here is to use Fortify whenever it is available to try and force enemies from advancing.

Once her Fortify is deployed, the opponents will have a hard time eliminating her. As a result, they move back and find another opening. The skill is perfect for players who want to be aggressive in the battlefield.