Injustice 2” is definitely on a different kind of level. Last time, developer NetherRealm Studios released the highly anticipated Cyromancer named Sub-Zero. This gave the fandom a new reason to enjoy the hit fighting-themed title.

But recently, as reported by VG247, the "Injustice 2" developer just released a new trailer showcasing the upcoming fighter Starfire. She definitely looks dazzling with her skills, enough to stir the interest of players. Here is everything about her in a nutshell.

Starfire to arrive soon

It is worth noting that the aforementioned character is the third fighter from the “Fighter Pack 1” DLC.

The first one was Red Hood and was followed by Sub-Zero. Starfire’s first ever trailer was dropped during NetherRealm Studios’ presentation at Comic Con 2017. Also known as Princess Koriand’r, she can be seen giving Robin a fair beating. It seems she is still not over the death of Dick Grayson, so to speak. But unlike in the show “Teen Titans” – and in comics – she and Robin are not romantically involved in the game.

But since “Injustice 2” is known for offering different plotlines and storylines, there is always a possibility of the two characters getting romantic. Well, it is really up to the developers. Right now, it is interesting to see how the new character will become relevant in the hit sequel.

Since the trailer was just simply for her introduction, fans can expect more details about this character in a new footage. This is the exact pattern the studio did with Red Hood and Sub-Zero. Heck, even Starfire’s loadouts might also be activated in the game later on.

More characters coming

NetherRealm Studio’s very own creative director Ed Boon teased the possibility of new characters coming to “Injustice 2.” He did this by releasing an artwork for “Fighter Pack 1” DLC, which features the three fighters of the content.

Apparently, there were silhouettes of other characters at the back of Sub-Zero, Red Hood and Starfire. Although they seem to be indistinguishable, some fans believe that one of the shadows is Black Manta. The latter is known for being Aquaman’s arch-nemesis. Although Boon has teased him before, he had never confirmed his arrival.

Therefore, his release to the sequel should still be taken with a grain of salt.

Raiden is also believed to be one of the silhouettes in the said “Injustice 2” artwork. This one here is known to be a veteran from the “Mortal Kombat” franchise. Given NetherRealm Studios’ history in mixing characters (with Sub-Zero being an epitome), there is no reason not to believe that Raiden will arrive to the game.