One of the biggest things in “Destiny 2” is currently happening. It is none other than the beta test, which gives players a glimpse of what the game is all about. So far, players are satisfied with what they are experiencing, though some have aired their concerns.

According to Ubergizmo, some “Destiny 2players are not thrilled with Bungie’s direction. They believe that some of the features introduced were not quite lovely as they expected. Interestingly, the studio went to address these issues and offered an explanation.

The PvE system of the sequel

In the original title, regardless of the tweaks or changes players do, the weapons still provide the same damage. This was applicable in the PvP (Player vs. Player) system, though. But whenever Bungie introduced tweaks on the said system, the balance in the PvE system was negatively impacted. Now, in the beta, this seemed to be the case. Obviously, players were not happy when they found out. However, the studio explained their side as to why this happened in the beta test.

Bungie iterated that in “Destiny 2” beta, the PvE system players are experiencing is the old design. It is the structure used by the studio from the original game. The studio explained that he intentionally did this to authenticate the feedback and suggestions they acquired from the community.

They want to crosscheck the findings they accumulated and make sure that the feature’s new structure is built according to these. While some players bought it, others do not.

Why this is still okay

First and foremost, “Destiny 2” is still in beta. Meaning to say, players can always expect changes, issues, and tweaks. The only catch, though, is that all of these are unofficial.

They are to be changed and are to be removed or improved as soon as the sequel officially arrives. If Bungie is going to introduce a new PvE system, then the only way to find about this is to wait for the game’s official launch. Unless of course, the studio decides to include this newly revamped feature in beta, though it is very unlikely due to the time.

The key here is to simply keep Bungie informed about these changes in “Destiny 2.” This is primarily the reason why beta exists anyway. Only through this can the community ensure that the studio will do it right this time. Of course, they have learned their lesson, too, thanks to the original game. For the meantime, it is best to explore the future title through the beta.