Game company Blizzard Entertainment has recently announced that “Overwatch” will be getting a Game of the Year Edition and it will have a physical release for retail shops soon.

Physical GOTY Edition coming soon

The game company just announced and clarified that their popular first person shooter would be getting a Goty edition and it will be in the form of a physical copy. These copies will be sold at all retail shops, and it will be released this coming July 28.

GOTY content details revealed

The game company also revealed the contents of the GOTY edition for their video game.

It will come with awesome additional skins for several characters like Pharah, Tracer, Bastion and Reaper, some free in-game loot boxes, “World of Warcraft” pet code, “Heroes of the Storm” Tracer code, “Diablo 3” Mercy’s wings code, and “Hearthstone” gets a card that has a theme of the first person shooter.

Doomfist recreated in other game

In other related news, the upcoming character Doomfist from “Overwatch” has been recreated in another favorite video game, “Minecraft.” Creator McMakistein was the one who recreated the character in the video game in his blocky form. It has all his abilities in his original game, and the best part is that the use of mods did not even create it.

To create the character in “Minecraft,” the creator used 400 command blocks for it.

These command blocks are special blocks that can let players input a line of code in the game, which lets it do special things like moving, jumping and more.

Australian national team confident of winning

In the “OverwatchWorld Cup scene, the Australian team has given their statement in regards to the other overseas teams underestimating their skills.

They said that they are confident of winning the World Cup with their current team. They also the advantage of entering the tournament at Sydney, which is their home turf.

While other teams underrated them, this team scored a 4-0 against the Italy team on day one at the World Cup. This will make other teams scared now since they won a straight victory against a strong opponent.

The next one, however, will prove difficult because it will be against Sweden who has a strong record.

The Australian team captain Andrew “Rqt” Haws revealed that having an established team is a big asset for them since they know each other already and they can understand each other’s moves in the game. He also revealed his observations of other teams choosing certain strategies and their characters like the Korean teams would use Sombra a lot and the Chinese team is now following suit.

Check out the "Overwatch" Gameplay Trailer here: