Rockstar Games has provided superfluous updates for its massively popular open-world video game,Gta 5,” over the years especially the game’s Online mode. But it still lacks something – the much coveted story DLC.

Recently, latest reports have it that an insider obtained a reliable information regarding the status of the long rumored “GTA 5” Story DLC. It looks like some fans are not going to like it.

Zero chance of a Story DLC

According to the insider source who claimed to have worked with the development team, the Story DLC will not materialize at any given point.

The said insider is allegedly a former Rockstar developer who used to be involved directly in the production of “Grand Theft Auto Online” for some time.

He further told the publication that there is a zero chance that the current GTA game will receive a single-player DLC after all. He further explained that the reason for this is Rockstar Games is raking in high revenue and making big money from the content updates for “GTA Online.”

The rumors of a Story DLC has been around on the internet for so long since the main game's official release in 2013. Various leaks from here and there have also surfaced, pointing to its development.

However, just like “GTA 6,” the game developer has not confirmed or denied that it is working on a story expansion.

So, it is indeed possible that these said leaks were not legit and it never entered production.

Bad news but not really

This is definitely Bad News for the fans who have been wishing for a Story DLC to be included in the game. But on the other side of things, there has been an overflowing support post-launch, with more to come this year before they can get their hands on another big title, “Red Dead Redemption 2.”

The game stays on the top 10 of best-selling video games to date across all the current-gen gaming platforms, Xbox One, PS4, and Windows PC.

Gamers are still hooked to playing the game with the serial release of content updates and racing events for its Online mode.

Thus, fans should not fret or yap if there is no Story DLC in the works and rejoice if ever there is a sign from Rockstar itself that it will eventually arrive in the near future.

Talking of updates, the latest one to arrive in “GTA 5 Online” is out now for download.

Avid fans can go nostalgic with the return of the Karin Technical, although, this time, it comes with some gorgeous upgrade. It also adds exciting customization options for players and offers huge discounts on some vehicles in the game.