After the retro costumes announced several days ago, it appears that “Street Fighter V” is going to have a sporty makeover. Sports costumes are coming to the game next week. The announcement was made by Capcom along with an interesting code reveal of Shin Akuma Code for “Ultra Street fighter 2.”

Latest announcement

During the Comic-Con 2017 in San Diego, Capcom announced that sports costumes will be released to the game starting July 25. Specifically, three sporty costumes will arrive for Rashid, Ibuki, and Laura. According to Capcom, these three characters were chosen to get the sports costumes because they are the most mobile characters in the fifth game installment.

Fans will see Ibuki garbed in fantastic Volleyball attire. The uniform comes with a matching sports watch and nimble trainers. On the other hand, Laura will have a Brazillian-themed football or soccer attire. Actually, the costume does not really appear to be much like a soccer uniform. Laura is shown to have knee pads, soccer socks, and cleats. Then Rashid will sport a soccer uniform with a white and blue combination. This time, Rashid really looks like a soccer player although there seems to be a blue coat worn over his uniform.

The “Street Fighter V” sporty attires will be available for $3.99 each or $12 if you purchase all three. The costumes will arrive on July 25, the same day that Abigail will be released in the game.

Shin Akuma code

Aside from the new sports uniforms announced for “Street Fighter V,” Capcom also revealed how players can fight as the powerful version of Akuma in the Nintendo Switch game, “Ultra Street Fighter 2.” Players can choose Ryu and highlight color 1 then press B to cancel.

For Ken, players can highlight color 8 and cancel by hitting B. Moreover, players can choose Sagat, then highlight color 8, and press B in order to cancel. For those who choose M. Bison, they can highlight color 7 then cancel by pressing B. Select Random, press L and R to select Shin Akuma.

The codes revealed by Capcom for the powerful Shin Akuma, however, will not work in online battles or in local wireless.

Shin Akuma gives massive damage and also absorbs much in return. He also possesses a double air Hadouken. The character used to be in the Boss battle in “Ultra Street Fighter 2.” To be able to battle with Akuma, players need to finish the game’s arcade mode until M.Bison. After that, Shin Akuma will appear to replace M.Bison and will be the final boss.

I will give you more updates about your favorite game as soon as official information becomes available.