Ever since “Overwatch League” was announced, there has been a lot of hype. In fact, many people believe that it will revolutionize the entire eSports ecosystem for “Overwatch.” However, since the league was announced last year, very few details about it have emerged. And, with the recent release of both “Overwatch Contenders” and “Overwatch Open Division,” “Overwatch League” has slipped to the back of many players’ minds.

But, not any longer! New details have finally emerged as Nate Nanzer, “Overwatch League” commissioner gave an update to players in his “Letter from the Commissioner” which was posted on the league's website earlier this afternoon.

Scouting Report

In his letter, Nanzer announced that earlier today, June 27, an email survey was sent out to top players world-wide. Every player that received the survey would have the option to appear in a scouting report which would be available to all “Overwatch League” team owners.

The qualifications to receive the email survey are outlined below:

  • A top-500 finish in Competitive Play (based on Skill Rating) in "Overwatch" Seasons 3 or 4 for any region
  • A playoff finish in recent high-caliber tournaments such as APEX Season 2 or Premier Series 2017 Spring, or an invitation to Pacific Championship 2017 Season 1
  • Other distinguishing qualifications indicative of top-tier talent, including but not limited to membership on an established professional Overwatch team

It goes without saying that players must also be in good standing with Blizzard and meet all the legal requirements with regards to age and eligibility according to the laws of the country they are located in.

Next steps

Every player who received the email survey has to respond to Blizzard indicating their interest in participating in the “Overwatch League,” as well as give permission for their information to be shared with league owners.

Most players will likely agree to these very reasonable stipulations, however, Nanzer also did warn that just because a player received the survey email and appeared on the scouting report, it does not guarantee one’s place in “Overwatch League.” Rather, it is merely Blizzard’s way of giving a nod in their direction.

He says, “It is a sign that the recipient’s skill and dedication to 'Overwatch' has not gone unnoticed.”

However, there is no doubt that the players who are skilled will be picked up and participate in the league.