If you are an "Overwatch" player, you might want to test your knowledge of the game with this quiz. We prepared a few questions for you, so give it a shot and let us know how well you did!

What is the single "one shot" most damaging attack including ultimates, excluding headshots?

If you guessed D.Va’s Self-Destruct dealing 1000 damage, you are wrong! Or, if you thought it was a full charged volley from Zenyatta, you’d be wrong too. The single most damaging attack in "Overwatch" is from McCree’s ultimate: DeadEye. With his latest buff, a fully locked on DeadEye shot will deal 80 in the first second, which is followed by 250 damage for the next 5 seconds for a total of 1330!

What does D.Va’s MEKA stand for?

MEKA isn’t just another way of spelling Mecha, or Mech. MEKA stands for Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army. It is a mechanized unit created by the South Korean government to fight against giant omnics in the South China Sea during the Omnic Crisis. Think Pacific Rim, but smaller.

Who’s the youngest hero in "Overwatch"?

It comes down to either D.Va or Tracer right? Tracer is 26 years old, and D.Va is 19. If you picked either of the two, you are close, but it’s neither of them! This is a trick question! The youngest hero in "Overwatch" is Orisa. According to the official "Overwatch" website, Orisa is barely 2 months old making “her” the youngest one by a long shot!

Which hero has the “Why so serious?” voice line that references The Joker from "The Dark Knight" movie?

Could it be Reaper since he’s all edgy and serious all the time? Reaper is involved in this, but it’s not a voice line he says. He’s actually in the receiving end of it. In fact, the correct answer is Junkrat. He would sometimes say “Why so serious?” to Reaper.

This voice line gets triggered when Junkrat eliminates Reaper. Detail to note: It is not specific to his Fool or Jester skin.

Who would win in a collision between Reinhardt’s charge and Doomfist’s Rocket Punch?

Who would win between 300+ pounds of precision German Engineering and a legendary gauntlet that can level skyscrapers?

As much as we want the good guy to win this, the truth is that there would be no winner in this collision. Doomfist used to have a big advantage as his Rocket Charge was stronger than Reinhardt's Charge, but the latest changes to the game made these two heroes even in terms of charging power.

Which hero has borrowed the famous Han Solo line “You hear me, baby? Hold together!”?

Who would have this voice line referencing the Millenium Falcon and TIE Fighter scene from "Star Wars: A New Hope"? This one is pretty obscure, but it can only be heard from D.Va’s Junker skin. Unfortunately, Junker skin isn’t very popular, so it’s too bad that such a great voice line gets buried.